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Chabad of the Valley Inc. is a non-profit organization. All grants and charitable contributions, are tax-deductible. A Tax reciept will be issued and sent to the above name and address unless otherwise noted. Thank you for you Support.

Chabad Lubavitch worldwide is dedicated to serving Jews of all ages with Ahavat Yisroel regardless of religious background or affiliation. 

Comprising multiple organizations, centers and programs, Chabad of the Valley provides the education and means to promote Jewish awareness, knowledge and practice through outreach, education and social services ensuring Jewish continuity. Chabad encourages positive action on the part of every Jew and facilitates the efforts of every organization or group to increase Jewish knowledge and observance. 

Chabad of the Valley is part of the worldwide Chabad Lubavitch Movement. Chabad Lubavitch branches are present in every major Jewish city in the world. Uniquely each location is funded individually from its own fundraising campaigns and charitable giving of individuals. 

Your support helps us continue our vital work, reaching thousands throughout the S. Fernando Valley, and beyond. Make a contribution in your name or in the name of a loved one today! 

Chabad of the Valley Inc. is a non-profit organization. All grants and charitable contributions are tax-deductible. Thank you for you Support.