General Guidelines

  • Express Room: An Express Room will be reserved to accommodate those women who come already prepared to immerse. This express room will be for showers only. In the interest of providing quicker service to all, it is recommended that baths be taken before coming to the Mikvah - if at all possible. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Brides: Special arrangements need to be made for when brides use the Mikvah.  Bridal appointments should be arranged by calling 818-758-3836 at least two weeks in advance. Only mothers and/or future mothers-in-law may accompany brides to the Mikvah.  The fee for a bride’s exclusive visit is $50.
  • Parking: Out of respect for the privacy of other visitors, it is requested that husbands who accompany their wives kindly not remain parked in the campus parking-lot while waiting.  (Parking is available on the street or in the NW corner lot at Burbank and Lindley.)
  • Please make baby-sitting arrangements beforehand as no children, regardless of age, are allowed into the facility during evening hours.
  • There is no accommodation for the Toveling of dishes in the facility.