Shacharit (morning services) - 7:00 am 
Mincha/Maariv (afternoon/evening services) are held at Chabad of Tarzana 10 minutes before sundown


Friday Afternoon and Evening Services: 10 min. before Sundown 
Shacharit (morning Services) followed by Kiddush: 
In the summer months (between Pesach and Sukkot) - 10:00 AM
In the winter months (between Sukkot and Pesach) - 9:30 AM
Mincha, Maariv - Afternoon and Evening Services: 20 min. before Sundown
Sunday and (most) legal holidays

Shacharit (morning services) - 8:00 AM 
Mincha, Maariv - Afternoon and Evening Services: see Chabad of Tarzana