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We raised $312,628 for The Abraham Dayan Mikvah!

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The Abraham Dayan Mikvah at Chabad of the Valley

About this campaign

Why is a Mikvah so important?

The Talmud states that when a community is at its earliest developmental stages, the first institution that should be established is a Mikvah.

This is because mikvah lies at the foundation of Jewish life and continuity of Jewish people. 

That’s the power of Mikvah - The centuries' old mitzvah of Mikvah and the immersion in its waters is a transformative experience. It is a renewal of our connection with G-d and a higher purpose, as well as rejuvenating marital intimacy and the sanctity and growth of Jewish family life.  

Jewish life therefore necessitates the construction of Mikvahs, and indeed this has been done by Jews in every age and circumstance throughout history.

The need for this Campaign

The Abraham Dayan Mikvah was built in the early 1990’s, and over the years women from all walks of life from around the Valley and beyond have come to use the mikvah.

Decades have passed since its construction and the mikvah is now in need of an upgrade and renovation. While hundreds continue to use the mikvah, a renovation would not only elevate and beautify the mitzvah of Family Sanctity - Taharat Hamishpacha - but would encourage many more Jewish women to partake in this spiritually awakening ritual that uplifts the spirit and fosters a deeper connection to family purity.


How can I help?

The total cost of the Mikvah renovation project is estimated at $500,000. We are so grateful to our generous benefactors who have taken the lead on this project, and we are seeking additional donors to bring our vision into reality in 2022. 

The renovation will be done in phases so as to keep the Mikvah open during the remodeling.  Please consider adopting one of the dedication opportunities and help us bring this groundbreaking community project to fruition!


By investing in such a central mitzvah to Jewish growth and continuity, there is no doubt that revealed blessings will circle back to you in abundance!


Click here to see the architectural plans.


Please see dedication opportunities below:


Bronze Ground breaker - $108 Monthly

Silver Ground breaker $180 Monthly

Gold Ground breaker $250 Monthly


Mikvah Restoration Dedication - $100,000

Daniel and Vardit Aharonoff

The Mikvah Oasis - $72,000

Yosef and Michelle Grossman

The Matriarch’s Lobby -  $54,000

Luxurious Bridal Suite - $36,000

Garden Entrance Corridor - $25,000
Alex and Elena Reyter

Jerusalem Waterfall - $18,000

Warren and Mojgan Binder

Entrance Mezuzah - $18,000

Dr. Roy and Aviva Mansano

Mikvah Benefactor - $18,000


Aishet Chayil Donor - $10,000
Levi and Mushie Feigenson

The Mikvah Blessings - $10,000

Mikvah Patron - $5,000
Mikvah Sponsor - $2,500

Chai Sponsor - $1,800


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