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Thank you for your participation in the Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon International Sefer Torah Campaign perpetuating and expanding the lifelong work of Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon bringing Judaism to life & teaching Torah to the world. Thank You! • $100 - Thank you Yossy Goldman - very much appreciated • $100 - Avraham Lapine - we are very grateful for your gift • $180 - Thank you so much Maurice and Claire Levy • $36 - The Kugel Family - thank you for your support • $180 - Shirley Reed, thank you for participating • $100 - Thank you very much, David Hazdan • $360 - Moshe Rosenfeld, thank you • $36 - Zalman and Chana Traxler, thank you so much • $100 - Your support is greatly appreciated, Yossy Goldman • $36 - Alona Burman, we are grateful for your donation
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Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon, obm, was one of the towering Shluchim (emissaries) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of his time. Over the course of his 43 years of leadership of Chabad of the Valley, he oversaw the establishment of 26 Chabad Houses and became known throughout the world as a dynamic teacher of Torah through his “Rabbi Gordon Live” broadcasts.

In fitting tribute to Rabbi Gordon’s primary passion, a momentous International Sefer Torah Campaign has been launched – the proceeds of which will benefit The Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon Living Legacy Fund established to ensure the continuity of the programs he put into motion.

In addition to the great zechut (merit) of having letters in this historic Torah scribed in their (and/or their loved ones’) honor, dedicators will be partners in perpetuating the legacy of this legendary leader and teacher - in the most meaningful way.

In selecting a dedication category, participants are encouraged to be true to Rabbi Gordon’s motto: “THINK BIG!”

Living Legacy Torah
Wellsprings of Knowledge Torah
5 Books:
• Breishit • Shmot • Vayikra • Bamidbar • Devarim. Name will be embroidered on the Torah Mantel in perpetuity.
The beautiful Sterling Silver Crown will be prominently displayed above the Torah. Name will be engraved on the crown in perpetuity
Asres Hadibros:
The Ten Commandments.
Yehoshua Binyomin:
A special dedication of Rabbi Gordon’s names throughout the entire Torah.
Blessings of material plenty and sustenance.
Torah Belt:
Name will be embroidered on the Torah belt in perpetuity.
Torah Yad:
The beautiful Sterling Silver pointer will be prominently hung on the Torah.
Central tenet of the Jewish faith
The blessing of opening the gates of heaven.
Midot Harachamim: 
G-d’s 13 attributes of Mercy.
Ma Tovu:
A powerful daily prayer expressing Jewish humility and refinement.
Blessings of Strength and Perseverance
Birchat Kohanim:
Priestly benediction of love and kindness.
The blessings of Children.
Shirat Hayam:
The song of Az Yashir.
Shiras HaBe’er:
Blessings of Vitality and Life.
Jewish Life:
Jewish Life:
Six-Days of Creation.
Jewish Life:
The Festivals.
Jewish Life:
The Blessings of Ephraim and Menashe.
Endow a weekly Torah portion for yourself and/or a friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary portion.
Endow a Torah verse that has special meaning to you and/or a friend.
We Thank Our Recent Partners
Sarah (Susan) Barth
in honor of HaRav Yehoshua Binyamin ben HaRav Shalom Dov Ber and his wonderful family for his daily lessons in the study of Tanya completed again on this 18th of Kislev 5781 verse Deuteronomy 30:5 ה וֶהֱבִיאֲךָ יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ אֶל־הָאָרֶץ אֲשׁ
In Memory of Rabbi Gordon
In Memory of SF
Susan Barth
aliyah neshama of Rabbi Gordon on his yartzheit
Daniel Fishman
Jonathan Burstein
In memory of Rav Gordon our Rabbi and teacher.
Zalman Gordon
Dina Gordon
The entire Goodman and Levy families, for good health and abundant blessings in every area.
Yakov Baitelman
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