The Menachem Institute is once again proud to present its line-up of classes and lectures for the year of 5775 — 2014/15. In addition to the array of exciting Torah Shiurim, this comprehensive program consists of subjects ranging from Hebrew Reading to Jewish Mysticism, Basic Judaism to the study of Talmud.

The Institute’s courses are open to all — regardless of background or affiliation. They offer an excellent opportunity for those who wish to further broaden their educational and spiritual horizons or those who may simply be seeking to better communicate Jewish values and ideals to their children.

The atmosphere of every class in the institute is designed to be warm and friendly — ensuring a pleasant rapport between instructor and student, as well as wide open avenues for open and stimulating discussion.

A wonderful educational experience in the spirit of unity and harmony now lies before you.

The next move is yours!…

We look forward to greeting you,

The Faculty and Staff

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